Brings new ideas

Dayana is a great instructor. She brings new ideas, inspiration, and music to your typical barre experience..

(Jan. 2018-Non Rumba Barre Review)

Susan E.

I was curious about Barre

I had been taking Zumba for years, but I was curious about Barre. So, when I found out about Rumba Barre I was interested because I love Latin music and wanted to try a Barre class. I felt comfortable in this smaller group setting. And, Dayana was very welcoming and friendly. She is great at what she does, motivating, inspiring. She mixes things up and tries to keep things fresh for every session. (Dec. 2017)

Sandy M.

Great leg and booty workout!

It’d been a while since I last took a group class because I can never coordinate with the rest of the group but this class was so easy to follow and well-taught that I could actually enjoy my workout without falling behind! Dayana was a great motivator, always pushing us to go that extra mile that left me feeling the workout the next day. I usually lift weights and this class was a great alternative for those days that I can’t lift too heavy but still want to work on toning and raising that heart rate! (Dec. 2017)

The Best Motivator!

Dayana’s barre class is an excellent workout! You get strength training and cardio all in one class. Dayana genuinely cares about each person in her class! She carefully monitors body positions and clearly states accommodations to match every skill level. I left feeling confident and motivated. I highly recommend this class! (Dec. 2017)

Anita M.

Working out; having fun, AWESOME!!

The class was fun and personalized according to my “lack of skills”. Since I’ve started taking Dayana’s class I’ve felt more energetic and notice a change in my overall self. Dayana was understanding, took the time to answer my questions and help me work towards my fitness goals. Not only was she informative she was eager to help answer my questions and didn’t make me feel ignorant for not “knowing it all”. Dayana offers different class levels to accommodate our skills and different times which is great for those moms who have sporadic schedules. I have FOUND my fitness coach, THANKS AGAIN DAYANA!! (Dec. 2017)

Positive vibes

Dayana is a wonderful instructor and makes fitness fun. Positive energy, great music, intense workout. She emphasizes form and safety, which is very important to me. Take it to your level. (Non-rumba barre review) (Dec. 2017)

Jessica G.

Fun and amazing workout

Dayana is an amazing, motivational and inspirational barre instructor! It’s a combination of hard work, fun and amazing workout! (Dec. 2017-Non Rumba Barre Review)

Sarah C.

Dayana is a terrific instructor!

Dayana is a terrific instructor! I’ve never taken a Barre class before and she made sure I was using correct form so I wouldn’t hurt myself. I’ve taken 2 sessions with her and plan to continue! She’s great!! (Nov 2017)

Maureen W

I love Rumba Barre…

I love Rumba Barre! It is a fun way to work out! The music is energizing, and Dayana always motivates and inspires you to do your best! (June 2017)

Janet Z.

Really enjoyable…

These classes were really enjoyable. Dayana is a great teacher, very professional, and she helped us a lot! (June 2017)

Bev S.

High-energy class…

I had never taken a Barre class before I found a Groupon for Rumba Barre and thought- why not? I’ll give it a shot! Barre is a really fun class that works and stretches every muscle group in a compact 45 minute class. I love working with Dayana because she individualizes the classes for each student and offers variations to meet your needs and goals. She has perfect enthusiasm to teach this kind of high-energy class. I’m always glad I went! (June 2017)

Jennifer R.

Shake up your routine…

I started with Rumba Barre after becoming bored with my gym routine and not seeing any progress towards my weight loss goals. I’ve always loved dance of any kind, so this class is the absolute perfect fit for me! Not only is it fun and upbeat, but it always lifts my mood while helping me work on my fitness! Dayana is an amazing instructor and supporter; she brings a fabulous energy to the class along with a great deal of knowledge on form, fitness and individual exercise needs. If you’re looking for a fun way to (literally) shake up your routine, you should absolutely give this class a try. You will not regret it! (June 2017)

Alaina Z.

Genuinely cares…

I thoroughly enjoy my sessions each week and Dayana is so easy to get along with. She makes it fun and enjoyable to train. She is very helpful, extremely accommodating, motivating and encouraging.
The best part of all is that she genuinely cares about her clients! If motivation and a personal approach is what you are looking for the Dayana is your girl. (May 2017)

Limary G.

Great class as usual…

Great class as usual! Definitely worked all the major muscles and left me feeling sore the next day. (March 2017)

Annette F.

She was knowledgeable…

She was super nice and welcoming! It was my first class with them and it kicked my butt. She was knowledgeable about my pains and how to make the exercises safer. I will definitely be going back. (January 2017).

Amelia T.

New Year…

Great Way to start the New Year! Looking forward to next Monday. (January 2017)

Felicia S.

Great music…

Great instructor, good toning workout. Fun people and great music! Dayana is wonderful. I will definitely come back. (August 2016)

Heather W.

Rumba Barre gave me…

Dance and music have been a huge part of my life for a strong majority of it, so I’m always looking for opportunities to channel that passion into working out, mostly because it always results in my enjoying the experience, therefore keeping me coming back. Rumba barre gave me that and much more. The class was small, and I’m under the impression they are usually moderately small in size, so I was able to get the feedback, encouragement, and direction I needed as someone who has only recently begun seeking out fitness. It was also very social, which made the time go quickly and easily. Dayana, the instructor, was knowledgeable, excited, and so supportive. I look forward to joining her again soon! I’m happy to have found a fitness class that challenges me, but isn’t overwhelming with too many people, not enough instruction, and seemingly-impossible requirements. (August 2016)

Erin G.

A twist of positive and good energy…

“The most fun and enjoyable way to work out. The exercises are great and the music even better.  A very professional instructor with a twist of positive and good energy. I can not live without it.” (May 2016)

Sita S.

Good Energy…

Lots of good energy in this class. So much fun you won’t realize you’re working out. I highly recommend trying the class out if you’re curious, don’t let the name throw you. Dance is optional, but you’ll want to shake it!! (May 2016)

Lesa L.


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